honeymoon resorts in Wayanad

A pleasant paradise that has been creatively created, Wayanad’s magnificent splendor will tantalize your senses with its fresh, crisp mountain air, the musical calls of exotic birds and gorgeous surroundings. One of Wayanad’s most stunning resorts, Ferntree, is a serene getaway with an ideal location in the heart of the district, making it seem like a small piece of heaven.

 Looking for the Luxury resorts in Wayanad? Fern Tree Resort is the perfect luxury resort in Wayanad, tucked away in the middle of nature, that you have to visit at least once in your lifetime. A day of peace, quiet, love, and laughter with your loved ones is what the opulent Fern Tree Resort promises to you. Situated in close proximity to Mananthavady town, the breath-taking architectural designs and the artistic ambiance inspired by nature will leave you in awe. It is unquestionably one of the best resorts in Wayanad for honeymoons, offering the perfect setting in the middle of the hills. You’ll experience the ultimate in holiday spirit thanks to the lovely hospitality service provided by our staff in addition to a serene and peaceful setting. We also offer great packages that include a gourmet meal for two by the pool for couples. Our rooms are prepared for you in two types A harmony between Banasura Hill and Chembra Mountain Mist. Exhibitive trees mixed harmoniously with Kerala’s native flora evoke in you the same sense of joy that you get from witnessing your child take their first steps! Thus, it’s the ideal resort in Wayanad for families. The resort provides modern amenities for optimum comfort.

Enjoy the culinary prowess of our exceptional chefs next to Wayanad’s biggest pool, which features appealing crystal-clear water beneath an open sky. Resorts in Wayanad with pool facilitates delightful setting by the pool for you and your loved ones to have a delectable feast. The poolside dining experience at Fern Tree Resort sets it apart from other hotels, thanks to the tranquil settings and the pleasant climate of Wayanad.

Try your hand at table tennis, pool, or carroms, or if you’re more of a cunning person, perhaps the chess board is the right game for you. For your leisure time, we have planned the ideal club and ballroom, an indoor gym, a conference hall, football field, an exquisitely built swimming pool, and a banquet hall at the Fern Tree Resort in Wayanad. Venture to Wayanad, a lush oasis tucked away in Kerala’s Western Ghat region.

 There are countless things to do in Wayanad due to its mixture of rice fields, fragrant spice farms, and deep woods. This place provides an enthralling fusion of nature and traditional Kerala life, whether you want to walk its mist-laden paths, delve deeply into its tribal traditions, or explore its ancient caverns. Intimate encounters with the stunning grandeur of Wayanad may be had via activities like dawn hiking, campfires, football, barbecues, off-roading, and jeep safaris

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