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Do you know 58% of employees resign due to burnout?

Because, in this fast-paced corporate world, employees are working under pressure to perform their best.

Yes, hard work is important. As it is, taking a break from the daily grind is necessary to recharge the batteries.

For that purpose, resorts offer excellent settings. Fern Tree, one of the best luxury resorts in Wayanad is the perfect destination to make it happen.

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Our resort is located in a lush natural setting that is purely stunning as well as inspiring.

Come to Wayanad and enjoy comfortable accommodations, an excellent dining setup, and a wide range of activities. All in All, we have everything to make your corporate outing perfect and enjoyable.

The key benefit of a corporate outing is to build collaboration and communication. As one of the best resorts in Wayanad, we have ample settings and surroundings to bring your teammates together.

Want to know what makes our resort unique?

Find the best-loved features of our resort in Wayanad

We have a broad range of activities, features, and amenities to bring your teammates closer and make your stay enjoyable.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the key features of our resort.

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Swimming pool: it is one of the features we barge about. As one of the best resorts in Wayanad with swimming pool, we allow you to take a dip during your stay. The splash and dip are really and stress reliever and the coolness of the water will cool your mind for sure!

The fully equipped conference room with Ac: Corporate retreat involves meetings, discussions, and presentations. Keep in mind that our conference room is spacious and equipped with everything needed to conduct a successful meeting.

Variety of dining options: we have different kinds of dining options and you are free to choose based on the occasion. Be it poolside dining or romantic dining or a formal dining experience. Please remember that we have something to quench your taste.

Ballroom: If you are looking for an entertainment option, our ballroom is the perfect spot for relaxation with a wide range of entertainment including music, games, dancing, etc. So, join your colleagues and enjoy yourself at the core.

Football turf: our football turf can be changed based on the occasion! What ?? Don’t get the point? Our turf can be used for games like football and it can be converted into party space.

24-hour surveillance: security of our guests is our concern. That’s why we offer 24*7 security and surveillance that ensures our guests are safe and secure all the time. So, you don’t need to worry, enjoy your time!

Tips to Remember

A corporate outing in a 4-star resort in Wayanad is a crucial investment for your team building. Because we make everything possible to make it a perfect destination.

From accommodation to the natural ambiance, our team is ready to make your moments beautiful.

So, don’t wait, call your colleagues, arrange a corporate outing, recharge their batteries and enhance their performance.

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